5/18 Tuesday, day 36–Zero day!

5/19 Wednesday, day 37–Zero day!

5/20 Thursday, day 38–Just as we were realizing it was going to be very hard to get all 7 of us back to the trail via the bus, I got a message on IG from a hiker who wanted to help us! Top has hiked the AT, PCT, and plans to start the CDT SOBO in late June. He fit the kids and I into his small transit van and drove us to the trail, while Adam and Muir took the bus to Ghost Ranch (about 1.5 hours later). Top gave us water and lemonade, along with two other hikers who came along, Powerhouse and Iron Will. Turns out, Powerhouse was hiking with our friend, Crazy Eyes, and told us he picked up Giardia. That’s so sad because he has had giardia before and was so determined to NEVER get it again. In fact, he said he was going to filter all water (including hotel water and water caches). Poor guy! Guthook miles = 1.75, my watch = 14,458 steps, 6.59 miles. 690.1

5/21 Friday, day 39– Left camp at 6:45 and made it 11.5 miles by lunch (that’s BIG miles for us ). Saw Iron Will at the water source and he said when we hit Georgia (his home state) for the AT he would be happy to provide trail magic. Sweet! I should have gotten a pic of him and Ruby together because they are both wearing baggy green pants and long sleeve blu shirts. Iron Will (just like Ruby and I) believes the only way to keep the mosquitoes and sunburns away is full cover! We also met Peanut from Nevada during our lunch break. Super nice lady, Kaia said she reminded her of her 2nd grade teacher. It rained on us off and on all afternoon. Set up camp early to get out of the rain and cold wind! In bed by 7:30, what luxury ️ 19.3 Guthook miles, my watch 48,798 steps and 22.2 miles. 709.4




5/22 Saturday, day 40–We left camp at 6:45am again this morning and made it to Canjilon Lake by 9am. Pit toilet and trash cans!! After we filtered water from the creek feeding the lake, we had a few miles of patchy snow to deal with. Sometimes we postholed all the way to our hips (especially Ruby)! After lunch, we got pelted with rain and hail until we made it to the Rio Vallecitos. We found a great spot to camp, protected under 4 giant pine trees. Guthook miles = 18.3, my watch = 45,610 steps and 20.88 miles. 727.7

5/23 Sunday, day 41– We left camp at 7am and had a SCARY water crossing on an icy log over the swift moving Rio Vallecitos. We arrived at a camp ground at lunchtime and met Ed and his wife. They’ve been helping CDT hikers for 3 years. Invited us over to fill our water bottles, eat some yummy food and visit with them. So nice! The wine was blowing strong and cold, so we found a shelter by Hopewell Lake to hunker down in for a few hours. It worked! The wind calmed down and we hiked on until about 7:30. Beautiful sunset from camp tonight! Guthook = 18.8 miles, my watch = 49,443 steps, 22.5 miles. 746.5

5/24 Monday, day 42– Didn’t take notes today, too tired. Pictures and mileage will have to tell the tale. Guthook miles = 18.7 miles, my watch = 50,828 steps and 23.15 miles. 10,651 ft. 765.2

You can also keep up with Kids Out Wild on ,Instagram and ,YouTube, and they are also hiking to support ,Lifting Hands International which offers humanitarian efforts to refugee families in need.