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train with us

Join our #AlwaysTrailReady club on Strava for long-distance hikers! This club will challenge new hikers to train for their first hike, and will also help experienced hikers stay connected with the trail community (which can help with Post Trail Depression).

Many hikers in our community combat Post Trail Depression by getting outside daily – or weekly if time is short. Bonus points for wearing a pack! We hope this challenge connects long-distance hikers and inspires us all to stay in trail shape year round (especially in the off season, or if you can’t actually get back on trail soon).

We can’t wait to cheer you on! Tag us on Instagram @thru_r & use the #AlwaysTrailReady hashtag for a feature.


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Become a virtual trail angel with a one time, monthly, or yearly donation!

100% of your donation goes to long distance hikers in the form of trail magic (minus the small paypal fee). As we give trail magic, we will be giving donors a shoutout on Instagram and YouTube so you can see how your donation is helping hikers.

Becoming a virtual trail angel is great if you want to give to hikers but aren’t near the trail.

Direct Your Donation

On the donation page, you’ll be able to direct your donation to support building this community or for trail magic (you can even specify types of food, beer, gear, etc.)! Unless otherwise noted, we will use your name on file when we give you a shoutout on social media.