We may travel different paths

Our feet, torn asunder

but may we find water from the same source.

Every drop, a pleasure

Every moment, treasured

So please, sit and have some water.

The day is long.

This experience is partly just the people. All the intricacies of every personality type, yet all determined in the same way. These souls, intertwined in their nature as they pass one another, singing, thinking, and hoping it will never end.

Shaman has been with me from the beginning. A Socal native with a big grin, a bigger heart, and a soul with great depth. I’m glad to have met him. I named him Shaman for the sagely advice and his breathing exercises.

Sriracha, named for his clutch sriracha sauce, is a warm person. The first to offer his water and the first to boil coffee for a camp of people. A fatherly figure with a passion for the outdoors.

Odysseus is a soft spoken and knowledgeable human. A wilderness expert, almost over-prepared in every way. He says “peace and love” as a greeting and as a goodbye, which I thoroughly enjoy. I am grateful for these people.

Just three of the many wonderful people I’ve met out here. So many others I’ll remember forever.

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