I haven’t written one of these in a bit! Hello from Puffy the Trail Slayer. Just out here being obscured by beauty and overwhelmed in all of the best ways. My routine is very consistent and my step is the same. Volumes of thoughts coming to the surface in these recent weeks hiking solo. After months of being on my own schedule I’ve met up with a few friends from over 1,000 miles ago. A lot of the time you will not see some fellow hikers for extended periods due to pace and schedules. It has been nice to converse with old friends and new.

Part of the long hike appeal is the world proving that humans are, in fact, full of good intentions. They give and love with as much of their soul as they can. I spent a lot of time, after my last thru, losing that faith and isolating from social situations with people around me as a result. This trail has brought me back. I love you all because that is what we all deserve.

The trail continues in seemingly an endless manner. I’ve shifted from what felt like high desert to the deep woods of Oregon. Also loving all these volcanic regions. I’ve seen so many new environments and natural wonders at this point. This life is full of beauty and peace.

I fear the end of this life. I fear readjusting to societal norms. It makes me see the transient culture through a lens of understanding, knowing why many of them give up on capitalism. Not every personality type has that drive to be rich since not every human sees material wealth as a path to happiness. To those who do, I wish you the best.

I know the end of this will bring post trail depression. One way or another it affects us all whether it is internalized or not. We spend months being indoctrinated by the loving culture as well as the freedom achieved in life. Giving that up for paying taxes and working to enjoy a small amount of free time is similar to a personal hell for me. I know I’ll quietly adjust again, but for the purposes of this I will share my thoughts on it. Seeing the last state line in my future, these realities press upon my mind. Nevertheless, I will hold my dog, tell her I love her and make whatever life I have left with her worthwhile.

Treasure your passions and dreams of adventure. Don’t let them pass you by. These decisions are ones of growth, however good they are for your current life. I will always suggest throwing caution to the wind for the sake of invigorating the senses. My love goes out to you all.


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