We are so happy to introduce our next 2021 Trail Team member! Remember to look at our blog as we feature the hikers who give us updates as they hike thru. Next up is “Apocalypse” who has made her dream of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail a reality! :

Hey! Hey! My name is Christine Konen. I’m a wood-fire ceramic artist from Madison, WI with a magical connection to Mother Nature as a muse for my artwork, soul recharger, and higher power. My ceramic wood firing soul-crew gave me the kiln name of “Apocalypse” after the kiln kit I put together… “I might have what you need in my bag”!! It’s extremely fitting for my life as I like to be prepared. Every trip out teaches you something. As an honor to my dear friends and my hugest supporters, I’m taking that name to the trail.

I grew up surrounded by cows and corn of southwestern, WI. That internal desire for open land and no people was ingrained in me. Even though I love the big small town of Madison where I call home, cement makes me feel claustrophobic and I need to escape to the trees or farmland to re-center my soul. Trips into wild places are my drug of choice. That happy place that gives you excitement to be alive and that serene type of internal peace found nowhere else.

I’m happy to announce, the universe has opened up and the stars have aligned for me to turn my dreams of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail into a reality in mid-April!! I’ve been obsessing over the epic adventure of a long trail for years annually. I can’t wait to cross this “Apocalist” dream off of my adventure to-do list!!

Photo taken on a day hike in Blue Mounds, WI State Park with my favorite adventure partner, Bubb dawg. He’s an old man now, so no pct for him, sadly. In the background is a Native American trail marker tree. If you see one, you’re on the right path. Now, just listen to what it tells you…

Adventure on,

Christine Konen


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