As I write this I have nearly 400 miles through the north and middle Cascades, that means two things! I’ve reacquired my trail legs and trail hunger is starting to peak!nnToday started with a snap in our step- town days always do, the excitement for food, showers and laundry are the driving forces! Numnum was the first to sound the saddest sound in nature- the rude hissing sound of an air mattress expelling air in a hasty deflation ! I followed suit and I heard Guinness wrapping up his sleeping bivy! I’m hands down the slowest and generally last to leave camp, especially after a short breakfast (today-3 breakfast essentials and a nutrigran bar, closely followed by a stretching and yoga session! But my pace usually has me in town first or damn close!nnToday, I’d be third out with Freeforall close behind. We had a easy 6 mile run and timed it for the open bell at Kracker Barrel in White pass . Just in time for a breakfast sandwich and large chocolate milk. Next we dove into our resupply boxes, I bounced a pair of shoes along I just replaced! Then it was time for an Arizona ice tea and an ice cream sandwich, no sooner done with that and trail angels Butterfly and Realdeal first gave us the best magic, doggy love with their shepherd and husky! Then nectarines (3), sprites and lemonades followed by chili dogs(2)!nnI Caught up on Instagram and Facebook, e-mails and then an order of chicken fingers, fries and another Arizona ice tea. We socialized with fellow SOBO and NOBO’s and then some skittles and I was ready to go! I entertained the gang with an idea to push 5.5 more miles to reduce some elevation for tomorrow and more importantly get us closer to the much anticipated Goat Rocks!nnFortunately, that idea was well received and we were off carving about 2,050’ gain off of an otherwise 5,500’ day! We set up tent, heated up some cider packets and added a few shots of southern comfort, some Oreos and Doritos finished my day! Now I can dream solidly about the much anticipated Goat Rocks!nnGood night moon – good night PCT!nCatmando (living the dream)

You can follow Catmando’s adventures on his ,Instagram and he is also hiking to benefit an amazing cause called ,Old Glory Service Dogs.