Ambassador & Advisory Team

Ambassador & Advisory Team

Our Ambassador & Advisory Team consists of individuals that are experienced long-distance hikers and subject matter experts. They are here to help hikers learn and connect – by sharing their knowledge, leadership, and expertise with the community.

Founder of THRU-r and this article's author, Carol Coyne or "Cheer"

Cheer is an avid thru-hiker and completed her Triple Crown (PCT, CDT, AT) in 2023 on Mt. Katahdin. She founded THRU-r after experiencing post trail depression following her first long-distance hike. She wanted to keep the trail connection alive for herself and other experienced hikers, while also helping new hikers prepare for trail. 

When she’s not hiking or working on new THRU-r initiatives, Cheer works in corporate finance and also creates ceramic pieces inspired by trail for Dirtbag Ceramics.


Continental Divide Trail thru-hiker Mike McClure or "Just Mike"

Just Mike is chasing his Triple Crown hiking dream! He started long-distance hiking during COVID as a way to stay active outside. 2022 was a transition year when he retired after 30+ years in the technology industry to pursue hiking long trails.

He completed the PCT in 2022 and half of the CDT in 2023. Just Mike plans to finish his Triple Crown on the AT in a few years, and currently serves as a Board Member for ALDHA West. When he is not on trail, he calls Michigan home.

THRU-r ambassador hiker Nomen

Based out of California, Nomen (short for “Nomenclature”) has hiked the Tahoe Rim Trail and Trans-Catalina Trail. Off the trail, he is an active service member in the US Coast Guard specializing in Search and Rescue.

He is also contributing research in the emergency management field with a unique perspective influenced by long-distance hiking and its community. In the future, Nomen plans to hike the JMT and PCT – but he’s sticking to many small but mighty trails until then!


Snow hiking safety expert Ned Tibbits of Mountain Education

Ned Tibbits is a wilderness skills instructor and the founder of Mountain Education. He’s a Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail thru-hiker and is an expert (specifically) on Sierra Nevada snow travel and safety.

Ned has been part of the Ski Patrol/Search & Rescue out of Lake Tahoe, has been an USFS Wilderness Ranger, a Wilderness EMT, and much more.  


Advisor Phillip Stinis

Phillip is an avid hiker, backpacker, mountaineer, traveler, and an all-around adventurer! Professionally he’s an Entrepreneur & Startup Business Consultant specializing in strategy, marketing, and operations.

Phillip currently is the Manager and Entrepreneur-In-Residence at the Cal State Fullerton Startup Incubator. You can catch him on LinkedIn here

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