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    Juan Veruete

    I’m likely going to do the TRT and start the hike in mid July 2023. I’m considering staying at the Mellow Mountain Hostel before and after the hike lunching and ending at a trailhead near SLT. Anybody have any experience staying there? Its looks great in terms of saving money and just overall experience… at least from their website.

    Carol Coyne

    Hi! I’m not sure but I know that Nomen hiked the TRT last year…he might know! I’m attempting to tag him here…we will see if it works!


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    Lila Tillman

    Hi! I hiked the PCT last year and stayed at the Mellow Mountain Hostel for a nero! Really great atmosphere, clean accommodations, plenty of places to hang out (tech room, large communal kitchen area, patio/outdoor area), and really close to plenty of restaurants, the grocery store (Raley’s, which is I believe Vons/Safeway), and main gear shop. I felt safe and like my stuff was safe as well. Lots of fellow hikers (both PCT & TRT) and non-hikers as well. Only downside was that there is a certain time to wait until laundry opens (maybe around 4-5PM) and there’s kind of a mad dash. Really enjoyed the stop, though– happy to answer any specific questions you have. 🙂

    Hope this helps.

    xx Excel

    Juan Veruete

    Thanks Lila and Carol!

    I’ve been to SLT many times because my son lived there for 6 years or so I’ve stayed in quite a few hotels in SLT. This is great feedback/Info! I’m likely going to do the TRT solo and I thought it would be a nice experience to go the hostel route for lodging before and after they hike. I saw some reviews that talked about younger folks and things getting a little noisy at times….  I’m OLD.. LOL … 57 but my career has revolved around 20 something’s for about three decades… so that stuff is definitely not a negative in my mind. Being around younger folks keeps me young!!

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