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Yes it’s fun in California right now! Honestly, I think the media is making a bigger deal out of it than what it is…but we are getting a lot of rain in Southern California and snow in the high country. We will see if it keeps up as far as being a big snow year.

I hiked the PCT in 2019 which was a bigger (and later) snow year. There was a large snowstorm in May! Hiking through those conditions was wild in the Sierra, but I entered at the worst time (early June as all of the snow was melting). This made for dangerous river crossings and very slow going. Started postholing at 9am! I would have been better off entering in May I think, as the nighttime temps would have made the snow more frozen and easier to traverse during the day. Not to mention easier river crossings with lower flow and snow bridges. For many reasons, I ended up skipping part of the Sierra to return later and finish.

This being said, hiking in the snowy Sierra remains one of my favorite and wild memories. I look at the photos I took and am still in awe that I hiked through some of it! It is one of the most extreme things I have ever done, and part of my soul still lives there.